Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rule #7

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Approximately four months I believe. My dear blog I do apologize for the absence however I was too busy saving the world. Correction, my world. What did you think? That Superwoman finally found her kryptonite and disappeared off the planet? Get real. I carry kryptonite around in my pocket just because I like the challenge. =)

When I say I’ve been saving my world don’t automatically jump to the conclusion that this delusional young girl has once again drifted away into the seas of depression (although I wouldn’t blame you). Actually I’ve made some major life changes. I’m sure many of you can relate to me when I say this so please do read on and join me on not my, but our journey of ...dun dun dun dun “growing up.”

We plan. We organize. We prepare. We spend years in school, hours studying, decades working and a lifetime getting ready. For what? That’s a really good question. Have you ever asked yourself for what? I study for a test. I go to school for a degree. I get a degree for a job. I work for money. I need money in life. Yes, very good logic Lilly. A+

A+ for caving into the systematic ways of modern life. Everyone tells me that I need to prepare for life. Do you want to be poor? Jobless? What will you do in life? Errrr....wait, aren’t I already living life? You probably think I sound like Charlie Sheen right now because I sound highly irrational and well, like a cracked out rock star from Mars. But no, that’s not it. I do have a problem though. I have many actually. I have a problem with accepting things as they come. I have a problem with a 9-5 job. I have a problem doing the same repetitive thing over and over again. I have a problem with the fact that society thinks they can map out a life for me and I either follow it or be shunned by all. Pft, what’s so great about society anyways?

I almost shudder at myself in the mirror because I used to be one of them. Them. You know, those people who have to discover the purpose of life, the meaning behind things, the deeper understanding. An annoying little psychologist who had to analyze situations, decipher people, discover what it meant to be alive. Chewing on the back of a pencil I’d question...why do we live? 4 months later I’m chomping on a Mars bar and instead...I’m just living.

Rule # 7: The purpose of life is whatever you make it. Make it good.

The purpose of life is to dance. The purpose of life is to make music. The purpose of life is to write. Yes? No? Actually it doesn’t really matter because you can’t prove me wrong. If you tell me the purpose of life is to collect rocks...well then I’ll be damned. I’ll toss you a few pebbles and continue writing my blog. No one has the answers. Everyone has their theories about life, heaven, hell, after-life, evolution and creation but you know what...instead of trying to figure out life, I’d rather just live it. Life is beautiful like that. Every day is a blank canvas waiting to be drawn on. Using determination, dreams, passion, values and a splash of morals I paint a beautiful picture. Some days I run out of determination and my picture isn’t as pretty but that’s okay because tomorrow I’ll just mix up some new determination and start on a new canvas. Oh I sound so dreamy don’t I? Let’s balance things out...let me contrast my optimistic, fantasy like description of life with some ugly, cold, hard facts.

I don’t have a job. I’m taking a break from school. Paparazzi...wait for it. I’m single.


Haha. I actually thought all 3 of those facts were depressing until I just typed them up. It sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Before you label Superwoman as a failure in life, let me equip those facts with some icing. I have a degree in Psychology as I’ve completed my undergrad. I am going to apply to complete my Masters next year. I am also working on applying for jobs. Being single...hmmm...there’s no icing there...there’s not even spice cake....just boring old vanilla sponge cake that’s a bit stale. But you know what I can’t be blamed for the fact that Superman is fictional so we’ll just ignore that last one. =)

Now you may ask why I choose to mention all the above and bore you with my ridiculous life facts. It was to show you that by me saying I create my own purpose of life, it doesn’t mean I’m saying to forget school, not work and just make YouTube videos all my life. It’s to show you that these things are included in my daily painting. We all live day to day, rushing through life, buzzing through traffic, running to catch the bus, cramming for a test and zipping through experiences because life requires us to do so. Or so we say. But have you ever stopped to think “what do I want to do in life?” It’s crucial you notice that I didn’t say “what do you want to BE?” I don’t believe in this question. Why do I have to be one thing? Instead I ask, “what do I want to DO?” This question is a lot less heavy on the soul and mind. If you’ve never asked yourself this question, I suggest you do. Now at this point you need to realize that dropping out of school, punching your rude and obnoxious professor in the eye and ramming the bumper of the person in front of you may all be things you want to do. Don’t go crazy with it. Seriously, in life, what do you want to do? Discover the answer to that.

I want to make YouTube videos. I want to make people laugh. I want to make music. I want to dance. I want to be successful. I want a good job that I enjoy. I want to complete my masters. I want to help others. I want respect. I want to enjoy every day of my blessed life. These are my purposes. They might change, but right now, these goals and ambitions make up the middle of my drawing. The question is, are my determination, values, morals and passion strong enough to complete the picture? In my head, that’s all up to me. There is no obstacle in life bigger than the obstacles within us. Go wild, create your own reality and dare them to stop you.

You don’t have to grow up like a structured that your life has no flexibility. Grow up like an artist and paint what’s ahead of you. And don’t spend too much time preparing the paints either...just pick up the brush already.

Yours Truly,


  1. great post Lil....really enjoyed it! Really benefited from this message today! XOXO

  2. LILLY YOUR AMAZING!!!!! and what i want to do in life... i have no effin' clue... :( buh what i really want to do is be a good person.. just like you:) always be happy and make others happy, seriousley whenever i have the most crapest day, i would watch your videos and magically have a smile on my face because i immediatley realize that no matter what, you need to stay optimistic ... and you've taught me exactly that :) you're the only one out of like how many billion people in this world have taught me to think differently, don't let society rule you and to believe in myself... LOVE YOU ALWAYS <3 :) and wish you the best ALWAYS MWAH!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  3. Really wish you continued this blog. The transition you went through. Amazing. Great inspiration and you're a great writer. My eyes are wide open to the world now. I have some questions I need to ask myself also. Only then I wont fake the smiles anymore. Thanks superwoman.

  4. Your story is inspiring! I would love to read more about you and what made you what you are now I am also a person with very low self esteem and 23 years old and bound by many restrictions from family....I have applied for masters in the U.S for this spring 2014....I would also love to know where you live right now

  5. Your story is beautiful & you're such a great writer. You know how to connect to people at such an intimate level. Please do carry on the blog! Its an inspiration to so many people out there that yes, there is more to life & someone has the guts to take control of hers. Love you superwoman!

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  7. this post really made me think, I came across it whilst taking a break from struggling from studying computer science. Over the past year or so I have constantly been bombarded with questions like "what you going to be?" (in terms of jobs) but I just don't really know. I know I like psychology and currently in a COGS major at UBC (combo of psych computer science, philosophy and linguistics).... but what I really want to do is help others in my life. I want to use the knowledge I have gained throughout my life. Watching your videos has reminded myself of all the pain, suffering, struggles and enlightenment I have gone through in my life that have made me who I am. I do not hate those who had bullied me throughout my childhood from kindergarten to grade 9 but I thank them for making me stronger, allowing me to learn more about myself, and making me who I am today. Reading this has taken off a great deal of stress that has been in the back of my mind about who I am going to BE! Thank you Superwoman! Thank you Lilly!

  8. See...everyone wants you to continue to write!! "Why you no write no more Lilly..." :))

  9. Lilly, my name is Lauren Pause.You may not know me but I am one of the biggest Superwoman fans there are. I have been going through some tough times ya know, hormones, puberty, shemurr. And your videos have been a relief for me. Whenever I see your videos my heart just warms up. My birthday was April 5th and I saw your merchandise store so my first question is could you keep the store up until maybe, Christmas? I know that's asking a lot but please??? And then I would like you to know that you make a lot of people happy in Minnesota. Did I mention that I live in Minnesota? Oh well. Happiness,Rainbows,Unicorns,Pizza!

  10. Lily I wonder if you have thought of deleting this blog?
    Ever felt you are not the same lily who wrote this blog ?

    Somewhere in your comments you have said "how would you expect different results if you keep doing the same thing". May be that is what you need now, to do something different.

  11. In regard to the previous post, I believe that Lilly has purposely kept this blog open and undeleted as it serves as an accomplishment. It shows how much her view on life and overall her personality has changed since suffering depression. It gave her the opportunity to just express herself, when maybe no one else could or would listen.

    Dear Lilly,
    If you are reading this THANK YOU for creating this blog. It has given me the ability to truely reflect on myself as a person and realize how much my view on my future has been become bland from the old vibrant personality that I used to have. Usually when I'm pissed or sad.. I dont go to your videos. Instead I come to this blog. It calms me down this blog just allows me to question myself and to just relax. When I was in school getting bullied on many occasions and fell into depression , because I just didnt fit in with the crowd.. I followed your rules of happiness, and just gained a If at all possible please DON'T delete these blog posts. These blog posts are the MAIN reason why my respect for you has increased and you have been my role model, despite criticism from others. It allowed me to see myself in a whole different light.

    It has been so awe worthy to see all the progress that has happened to your youtube career and self since almost the time I first saw you when you posted your Official Guide to Brown Girls video. Looking forward to supporting you every step of the way in the future! Thanks for being my inspiration in life and dont forget that TeamSuper has your back and offers support even on those dark depressing days.

    A Unicorn from (almost) the Beginning :)

  12. Lilly, I cannot tell you how glad I'm to have found this blog. As I read through all the posts, Lilly I swear I felt your emotions, you know how they say you can feel a writer's emotions through the words they write?
    I could feel your transition Lilly from Rule 4 to Rule 6 and I'm honestly so happy for you. <3 It made me feel so hopeful.
    I'm going to keep these rules in my head all the time, they've been so helpful. They made me think about the kind of person I was and the kind of choices I made daily. I wish you'd write more. :)
    There are so many things that I want to tell you Lilly but I'll keep it short.
    You made me a better human, a happier person.
    It's because of you that I'm not giving up on my dreams. You taught me to love myself, to believe in myself.
    When no one else could cheer me up and get me going, you made me laugh and taught me to get back up for another round. Thankyou so much. :')
    Thankyou for all your videos, inspiration and motivation.

    If and when you decide to come back to this blog, know that there is someone here who loves you and has been waiting for you to come back.

    I look forward to meeting you someday, so I can hug you tight and thank you for existing. <3

    Power to you, love.


  14. I have my own blog ...just started...:)

    1. me too here -> you will have fun

  15. Hey Lily, I watch your YouTube channel religiously and am one of your many subscribers, and I just found out about your blog. It's brilliant. I love it. #TeamSuper!!!

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  20. This blog is literally life. I see your vlogs, it makes me wanna be different and embrace all that has made me unique..but this blog..this blog is then Lilly figuring out her life and what she wants to do..taking a chance in life..the raw part of the Superwoman that we are today. Whenever I feel low, and feel like maybe a simple life is all that we need at the end of the day...I come here and realize that dreams come true and they are worth chasing. Nothing can stop you from creating a life you desire. Thank you Lilly. I love you do much. πŸ’“

  21. This blog is literally life. I see your vlogs, it makes me wanna be different and embrace all that has made me unique..but this blog..this blog is then Lilly figuring out her life and what she wants to do..taking a chance in life..the raw part of the Superwoman that we are today. Whenever I feel low, and feel like maybe a simple life is all that we need at the end of the day...I come here and realize that dreams come true and they are worth chasing. Nothing can stop you from creating a life you desire. Thank you Lilly. I love you do much. πŸ’“

  22. your blogs are WAY better than mine...
    nice to meet you, human unicorn.